Assam Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC)

How to Apply Assam Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC). Eligibility Criteria full details given below.

NON Encumbrance certificate Assam

Land recordings entail different significant documents, all of which provide information about particular land. A non-Encumbrance certificate is a legal document possessed by property or land owner as proof that the land is free from any monetary or legal obligations. The document is referred to as a search certificate; it gives authority to the buyer or seller of a particular property. That the land is clear and can be sold, the title deed is clear, and all legal transfers can occur. The document contains every financial transaction and legal transfers made for the particular property.  The non-Encumbrance certificate is issue by the Revenue & Disaster Management Department of the state government of Assam.

NON Encumbrance certificate Assam
NON Encumbrance certificate Assam

Documents required to get the Non-Encumbrance certificate

  • Have a land record or land deed.
  • A copy of Jamabandi.
  • Land Revenue receipt.
  • Khajana receipt.

Once the applicant applies for the search certificate, the authorities issue the document within 15 days from the application date.  The applicant also needs to apply to the respective SR offices to search for a particular property.  From the SR office, they can learn whether the certificate is an encumbrance or not. The authorities have a fee structure for different services, as in the diagram.

How to apply for Non-Encumbrance certificate using CSC

  1. Visit the nearest CSC center.
  2. Get the application form and enter the required details such as land, year of inspection and registered office name. now apply in the format below
  3. Now pay the application fee according to your search criteria in the CSC operator for searching the encumbrance. After paying the amount, the applicant will receive an acknowledgment receipt, which contains the CSC operator’s application number.
  4. Next, the request to attain the encumbrance certificate is made online through the Assam Revenue Department. The status of the certificate is update using the SMS method.
  5. The office responsible will process the NEC online and verify all details. The SRO will now then approve the NEC request.
  6. Once SRO approves the documents’ applicant, they will receive an SMS to the registered mobile number.
  7. Next, the applicant can get the CSC center certificate to provide the application number to receive the certificate.

Online NEC application process.

The certificate can also be obtained using the online e-district portal of Assam.

  • Visit the official website portal.
  • First, you need to register at the portal to get the services, click the sign-in button from the homepage.
  • A new login page will open click the option “create account”to register in the e-district.
  • Enter your details such as name, email ID, gender and date of birth. Once the details are verified, click the save tab.

Assam Non-Encumbrance Certificate Login process

  • The system will send a verification link to your email Id; click on it to activate your account details. Now you can log in to your e-district portal using the username and password acquired during the registration process. 
  • Select the certificate service (NEC); this will direct you to a new page.
  • Here enter the following details of the relationship of the petitioner with the deed.
    • Year of inspection
    • The circle name of the land and Mouza of land
    • Patta number and Dag number.
    • The area of land and the nature of the deed.
    • Name of the office where the land is registered.
    • Fee deposited
  • Now make payment using the secured modes of payment provided online.
  • The applicant can make the payment directly to the Assam online account. The search fee is then directed to the concerned office.
  • The system will produce a payment receipt after the payment is made. The process is then directed to the concerned office.

Checking the status of the application

An applicant can track the NEC application using the application Id through the e-district portal. Once you log in, click the option status, and the system will provide the NEC status on the screen after the authorities approve the NEC application. The document is signed digitally by the SR, and the approved certificate is updated using the registered email ID.

Download the certificate from the official e-district portal, enter the certificate number, then click the submit button. Now download the certificate directly from the website portal.

Benefits of NEC certificate

  • The certificate can help users acquire a bank loan; it acts as a proof document.
  • Show ownership of particular property, and it’s used for transferring property to new owners.
  • Helps the owner update tax details if not paid for more than three years.
  • It assists in withdrawing PF for property purchase or house construction.

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