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A comprehensive guide to checking Assam Land Records on the Dharitree Assam portal. Assam Jamabandi by Patta Name Online. Download Dharitree Assam APP. Assam Namjari Land Mutation status. How to Check Mutation Status in Assam

Dharitri Assam

The online land recording has resolved multiple challenges like foreclosure, boundary disputes, land grabbing, lost documents, mortgage issues, etc. The digital recording allows landowners to check past and present land details through land portals in government systems. This reduces congestion at land offices and fraudulent cases behind different lands.

The Indian government has allowed landowners to check their land records offline and online. However, they have advocated for online systems by introducing the Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS) portal. Many states in India have established advanced platforms to help in various land deals such as title deeds, maps, land activity, land mutation and more.

Assam State Indian utilizes the digital portal Assam Dharitree ILRMS for all land facilitation. This portal ensures that land records and land registration are updated online. The portal has connections with revenue departments for easy processing. Dharitree ILRMS is also available in a mobile app for fast access.

Services of Dharitree Assam

Dharitree Assam has several main purposes, including:

  • Online Jamabandi
  • Transfer and registration of property online
  • Online land revenue collection system
  • To acquire NOC for immovable property transfer as required under section 21A of the Registration Act
  • Reduce property disputes, scams, and litigations.
  • Update the Assam land records like reclassification, Mutation, conversion etc.
  • Track NOC status


Dharitri Assam Land Records Online Revenueassam.nic.in/dhar/
Dharitri Assam Land Records Online 2023 at Revenueassam.nic.in/dhar/

Jamabandi Assam

Jamabandi document: Also known as parcha or fard, Jamabandi is a document prepared as a land-right record of a village. The Jamabandi register consists of the land’s area, name of the owners, owners’ shares, cultivation, revenue, and rent.

How to View Jamabandi Assam online at Dharitree Assam Portal?

Checking Jamabandi Land Records on Dharitri Assam

  1. Log into the official site of Assam Land records through https://revenueassam.nic.in/
  2. Press the Dharitree button and tap the Proceed option.
  3. Click on your District, Town name, circle, and village to continue with the search on Dharitree Jamabandi Assam.
  4. Tap on the Proceed button.
  5. The page offers various options to search for land records on the pattadar name, dag number, or patta number. Click on your preferred option.
  6. Provide either the Patta number, dag number, or pattadar name.
  7. Enter your captcha number and click on the search button.
  8. The page will now show you the details you searched for.

Assam Jamabandi by Patta Name Online

Process of getting Jamabandi by Patta name online

Through the state government, Assam residents can now view the Jamabandi documents online through the following steps:

  1. Navigate the Dharitri official website via https://revenueassam.nic.in/dharitreeonline/menu_selection_for_user.php
  2. Select the “Display Jamabandi by Patta Type”
  3. Browse through and choose your desired District and tap on the submit button.
  4. Select the Jamabandi details from the drop-down and tap on the submit button. You will view the details on your screen online.


Assam Jamabandi by Patta Name Online at Revenueassam.nic.in/dharitreeonline/

Getting Assam Land Records offline

The Dharitree portal consists of more than 26,000 village maps which are updated. Provided your village is different from the registered ones, you can still register offline by going to the circle office of your state. You are given an application form to fill in, submit and pay the necessary charges there.

How to Know a Nearby Circle Office Online on Dharitri Assam

  • Log into the official website of the Government of Assam Register and Disaster Management Website through https://landrevenue.assam.gov.in/.
  • Proceed to the ‘How do I Head’ option and click on ‘Know my Circle Office.’
  • Check the nearby office by opening the downloaded excel file in your system.

Fees to access Assam land records

Services in Assam land records are charged differently. To access Assam land records, an amount of about Rs 50 to Rs 200 is paid.

Dharitree Assam APP

Process of Dharitree Assam mobile application

Assam Land records have introduced the Assam land records mobile application (Dharitri Assam Mobile App), which is more efficient to its users as it operates faster and enhances the user’s interaction. Services offered by this app include Mutation, NOC, Panjeeyan property registration, etc. Below are guidelines for checking Assam Land records on the Dharitri Assam mobile app:

  • Go to the Apple or Google play store and download the Dharitri Assam mobile app.
  • Install and open the app
  • Press on the Dharitri land records
  • Enter your District, village, or circle and search using the pattadar name, dag number, and patta number.
  • Key in the captcha code in the space provided.
  • You will now see your Assam land records.
  • Press on the print menu bar and download the pdf if you wish.

Download for android link

Assam Namjari (Land Mutation)

Mutation of Property (Dakhil Kharji)

Inheriting property, buying property, and receiving gifts involving property may lead to changing title deeds from one person to another. This process is known as the Mutation of property or “Dakhil Kharji” in Hindi. The new landowner starts paying the requisite property tax after they receive the title deed.

Points to Know About Mutation of Property

  • The mutation process application can be made online.
  • Mutation of property is done after registration of property.
  • The process is done at the municipal office of the specific area.
  • A mutation certificate takes around 30 days.
  • The charges of the Mutation of property vary from one state to another.

Importance of Mutation Records

  • It helps the government authorities charge tax from the right owners.
  • Serves as proof of property ownership.
  • Helps correct errors in land records.
  • It helps in reporting unauthorized transactions against your property.
  • It enables the owner to sell their properties, especially agricultural property.

Checking Mutation of property in Assam

Follow the procedure below to check the Mutation of the property:

  • Write a letter to the GMC (Commissioner of Guwahati Municipal Corporation) on plain paper. The Deputy Commissioner will pass it to the GMC.
  • Pay Rs 100 to check the property mutation.
  • In a few days, you will have your certificate of Mutation.

Application of the Mutation process

The mutation process is done online and offline. The Bihar government has developed the Bihar Bhumi portal, where the Mutation occurs online. States with no online portals must go to the concerned municipal office.

Documents Required or Mutation of Property

In case of a sale, the following documents are required:

  • Sale deed
  • Aadhaar card of the applicant
  • Ration card
  • Stamp paper of the applicable value
  • Duly filled land mutation application form
  • Property tax payment receipt
  • Previous and current registration Deed

In case the property owner has died, the following documents are needed for the Mutation of the property:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Sale deed
  • Death certificate of the Title Holder
  • Registration Deed
  • Copy of Will if present
  • Applicable Affidavit on stamp paper
  • Copy of Power of Attorney if applicable
  • Copy of the succession certificate
  • Any additional documents prescribed

How to Check Mutation Status in Assam

Process of checking Mutation of property status online

Below is a comprehensive guide to containing Mutation of property status online:

  • Log into the official website of e- NagarSewa portal
  • Tap on Track Applications from the header
  • Press on property mutation and continue
  • Key in the Acknowledgement or registration number
  • Key in the Captcha code and submit
  •  The status of your application will show on the page.

Contact details of Dharitree Assam

Website addresshttps://landrevenue.assam.gov.in/
Revenue Assam Website link:https://revenueassam.nic.in/dharitreeonline/menu_selection_for_user.php
Contact number:+913612237273
Email IDdlrs-igr@assam.gov.in
Head officeGuwahati
Mobile appDharitree mobile app
Dharitri Assam Contact details


  1. What is a Dag number?

Land parcels are given unique identifying numbers known as Khasra or dag numbers found on the Assam land record paper. The khasra is given a name used when searching specific land records.

  1. What is the definition of the Patta number?

A patta number is a legal document showing proof of land ownership.

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