Possession Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

How to apply for Possession Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh | Application Form Download & Arunachalpradesh Possession certificate online status check.

Arunachal Pradesh Possession certificate

Possession land certificate is a vital land document that shows the rightful ownership of particular property/land. The document is issued to the new buyer by the seller indicating the possession date. It’s an important document that is used as collateral for home and other loans.  Possession land document is mandatory for every landowner to produce it once they are selling the property to new owners. The Tahsildar issues the document in the rural areas, and in the urban areas, the Possession document is given by the RDO (RevenueDivisional Officer).

The Possession land document has to get verified before any transaction is done or a loan issued by the bank. Once done, the transfer process can proceed, and the new owners get their land or the bank to release the loan to the applicant.

Eligibility criteria For Arunachal Pradesh Possession certificate

The document is only issued if the land has fulfilled the following:

  • No land disputes.
  • If the land concerned doesn’t belong to the government.
  • If it’s legally owned.

Benefits of Possession certificate

A possession land certificate is a legal document that protects the land from illegal actions such as land grabbing. The landowner uses the document as a proof document.

  • Helps landowner to acquire a loan from the bank.
  • Legal document showing land ownership.
  • Important when selling or buying land
  • The documents assist in updating the land tax records by the concerned Revenue tax authorities.
  • It protects the land from grabbing and other unlawful actions.

Fee and charges for the possession certificate

particularsFee charges
APL familiesRs. 10
BPL familiesNil

The AP (Arunachal Pradesh) possession certificate is issued within 10 to 1 days from the day of application. The state citizens should drop or submit the application forms of Land possession certificate at the Anchal adhikari office.  They can also submit at the nearest Right to Public service RTPS office in the state.

How to apply for the Arunachal Pradesh Possession certificate.

  1. Visit the Anchal adhikari office or the RTPS offices to get the application form. Users can also download the form from the Arunachal Pradesh land management department portal.
  2. Next, fill the application form, ensure to enter the mandatory details.
  3. Now attach the legal documents requested by the department and submit the application form.
  4. The documents are verified and an acknowledgment receipt.
  5. After the set duration, you can collect the certificate from the concerned office.

Arunachal Pradesh Land Possession Certificate Application Form 2021

Arunachal Pradesh Land Possession Certificate
Arunachal Pradesh Land Possession Certificate

Required documents For Possession Certificate.

  • A registered lease or sale deed agreement copy.
  • An application form.
  • Land tax.
  • Proof documents of ownership of property.
  • Ration card
  • Income certificate
  • Aadhaar card. An identity and signature proof of the applicant.
  • A copy of the Encumbrance certificate (form 15)
  • Two recent copies of passport size photo.
  • Photograph of the property.

How to check the AP possession certificate. application status

  1. Visit the official Arunachal Pradesh website portal.
  2. On the homepage, select the option “application status.”
  3. Select the option to know your application status and enter the application ID number.
  4. The portal will now display the status of the application immediately.
  5. Now you can click the option print to download the land possession certificate.

Application Form Download For Possession Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

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