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Quick Guide on West Bengal Banglarbhumi Portal: Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records 2024 at 2024. Banglarbhumi ROR, Khatian, RS-LR, Plot Search search by name.


Land ownership comes with government attachment as owners need to register and acquire the right documentation. The legal process can be tiring if attended through physical offices. India central and state governments are keen to help citizens with easy digital platforms that help ease land details. The West Bengal State has developed a legal land recording portal namely Banglarbhumi.

The Land & Land Records and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department Government of West Bengal started the Banglarbhumi portal in the direction of Mr. Narendra Modi. The platform allows citizens of West Bengal to access all the information related to land, land reforms, relief, and rehabilitation online. It provides a facility to manage all the property and land-related documents and information in real time.

Banglarbhumi portal reduces users’ time and effort by accessing all the information online on mobile or computer devices. Users can verify land records, view plot numbers, owner, property value, and the land area. This helps the state and land department to offer transparency, accountability to the people.

Banglarbhumi Registration 2024 Process at

Process of registering for West Bengal Land Records on Banglarbhumi

For users to get the land records, mutations:

  • Launch into the official website of Banglarbhumi.
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” tab on the home page.
  • Now, fill in the details required: Name, Guardians Name, Address, User Type, Municipality, District, Pin code, Email ID, Email OTP, etc.
  • Press on the “Submit” button to complete the registration.

Direct link: 2024 2024 ROR, Khatian, RS-LR, Plot Search
Banglarbhumi Land records ROR, Khatian, RS-LR, Plot Search at 2024

Services Offered on the 2024

Banglarbhumi portal offers the following services relating to land information.

  • Update on records periodically
  • Rent controller
  • India-Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Mutation notice 30 days
  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Khatian Status Online
  • Distribution of land
  • State Land Use Board
  • Deep Registration Online
  • Digitization of land records and maps
  • Mouza-wise Land information by Khatian no
  • Management of ISU
  • WB Record of Land (RoR) Application

How to View West Bengal Land Records at 2024

Citizens of West Bengal can conveniently access land record information by searching by name/ Khatian number on the official website or using the steps below.

  • Go to the West Bengal Land Records official website at
  • Tap on the “Know Your Property” tab in the main menu
  • Now, select your respective District, Block, and Mouza
  • Next,to choose the “Search by Khatian” or “Searchby Plot” options.
  • Key in theCaptcha code to authenticate the details.
  • Press the “View” button to display the records.

WB Banglarbhumi Search Land Records with a Query Number

Step by step for Banglarbhumi 2024 Search Land Records with Query Number. Users should follow the steps below to locate plot details using a query number on the Banglarbhumi portal.

  • Move to the Banglarbhumi official portal.
  • Press on the “Query Search” tab.
  • Next, input details such as Query Number, Question year, and Captcha code.
  • Proceed to the “Show” button to display the details.

Banglarbhumi Land ROR Apply Application Online

Tips on Applying for Banglarbhumi Land RoR Application Online

Users should use the following tips when applying for a Record of Rights (RoR) via the Banglarbhumi portal.

  1. Launchinto the official website of Banglarbhumi.
  3. Next, input your username and password to access the account.
  4. Key in the OTP send to your registered mobile number.
  5. Progress to the “Login” button.
  6. Move to the Land RoR Application on the new page.
  7. Now, enter the required details.
  8. Press on the “Submit” button.
  9. The user will receive one application reference number and RoR Certificate issued by the concerned department.

Banglarbhumi Khatian & RS-LR Plot Information

Procedure for checking on RS and LR information online at the Banglarbhumi portal

The user should follow the steps below to verify your RS and LR records on the Banglarbhumi portal.

  1. Open the West Bengal Banglarbhumi web portal 2024
  2. Progress to the “Citizen Services” button
  3. Select either RS or LR option
  4. Proceed to choose the appropriate District Name, Block, and Mouza.
  5. Next, enter the plot number.
  6. Press on the “Search” button to display the details.

Banglarbhumi Online Mutation Application 2024 Process

Process of applying for Online Mutation at Banglarbhumi Online Land Mutation Application & Payment West Bengal 2024

Mutation involves changing ownership/title of a property from one person to another after the sale or transfer. Applicants can apply for online mutation on the Banglarbhumi portal using the procedure below.

  • Open the West Bengal portal of the Land and Land Reforms Department and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department to register property.
  • Tap on the “Mutation Application” link on the menu bar
  • Now, enter the required details like Transferer details, Applicant’s details, and Essential documents.
  • Proceed to upload all the required documents like registered deeds, legal heir, chain deeds, etc.
  • Move to the Online Application menu and choose the Fees Payment option by filling in the Request Type and Application Number.
  • Press on the “Next” tab to generate the Mutation Case number if the fees are paid via “online mode” (GRIPS Net banking and Debit Card).
  • Tap on Submit after successful payment of mutation charges to have the mutation request sent to the appropriate authority.
  • Applicant receives an acknowledgment slip where they should write the mutation registration number.

Khajna Online Payment 2024 জমির খাজনা কিভাবে দেবেন

How to Make Khajna Payment on West Bengal Banglarbhumi Portal

West Bengal Banglarbhumi portal provides a facility to pay land revenue online using the procedure below.

  1. Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi page.
  3. Press on the “Sign Up” tab on the home page.
  4. Progress to select Departmental User.
  5. Key in the registered username and password
  6. Now, enter the Captcha code to continue.
  7. Login as a departmental user on Banglarbhumi.

How to Apply for Land Conversion on Banglarbhumi

Step-by-step process of applying for Land Conversion on Banglarbhumi

To fill out the land conversion application, the Applicant should follow the tips below.

  • Launch into the Banglarbhumi portal “”
  • Select the “Conversion Application” option.
  • Fill in the essential details like District name, Block, police station, Mouza details, Jurisdiction List No, Khatian No (RS & LR), Pot No (RS & LR), Area of the Plot (RS % LR), and Existing classification of the plot.
  • Tap on the “Submit“ button to generate the Application number.

Essential Documents for Land Conversion Application on the 2024

Applicant should have the following documents when applying for Land Conversion in West Bengal.

  • Mutation Certificate
  • Rent receipt
  • Number acknowledging fee
  • Current record-of-rights
  • A copy indicating land and plot information

Banglarbhumi Application/ Receipt Reprint Form 2024

Getting Application/ Receipt Reprint on Banglarbhumi

After applying for land records, mutation, conversion, or other land registration services, applicants receive an application form/ receipt for reference. Users can get a reprint of the application form or receipt in case of loss using the steps below.

  1. Go to the West Bengal Banglarbhumi portal “”
  2. Select the “Application/ Receipt reprint” option.
  3. To log in, a registered user can input the Username, Password, and Captcha code.
  4. Unregistered users click on the “Sign Up” button to register.
  5. Press the “Login” tab to display the Application/ Receipt reprint option.

How to Apply for Signed RoR/ PI/ PLM Copies at 2024

Applying for signed RoR/ PI/ PLM copies on the Banglarbhumi portal

To apply for signed copies of Record of Rights (RoR)/ PI/ LM on the Banglarbhumi website, users should use the following process.

  1. Login to the portal of Banglarbhumi link
  2. Press on the “Citizen Services” button
  3. Now, select the service delivery option
  4. Proceed to choose signed copies of RoR/ PI/ LM
  5. If you are a registered user, key in the Username, Password, and Captcha code to log in.
  6. For new users, tap the “Sign Up” button to register and log in again.
  7. User to avail the required information about property to acquire signed copies of RoR/ PM/ LM.

Banglarbhumi Application Status 2024 Tracking

The procedure of tracking Banglarbhumi 2024 Check West Bengal Land Records Online Application Status

One should follow the steps below to track your property or land rights application on the Banglarbhumi portal.

  1. Move to the official website of Banglarbhumi E-District at (or)
  2. Progress on the “Inspection Report” link on the left corner.
  3. Input the Application Identification Number (AIN)
  4. Press on “Search Document” to display your land or property rights application status.

Filling a Warish Application on Banglarbhumi

Applicants can apply for Warish Application on West Bengal Banglarbhumi portal using the following steps.

  • Visit the Banglarbhumi portal “
  • Navigate to the “Citizen Services” tab on the home page
  • Proceed to the “Warish Application” option under the online application menu
  • Key in your ID and password to log in
  • Fill in the information such as Mouza number, district, Block, and Khatian number.
  • Choose Death certificate Yes/ No, Date of Death, and Number of Legal heir certificates provided by the court under the ancestor details option,
  • Now, input the details like Khatian present, name, address, caste, gender, and mobile number.
  • Move to the “Add Warish” tab to complete the process.

Download Forms from the 2024

Users can download various forms from West Bengal Banglarbhumi portal by using the tips below.

  1. Launch into the official website of Banglarbhumi 2024 “
  2. Select your preferred form from the list to download as a PDF file.
    • Mutation Application Form
    • Declaration for Mutation
    • Objection under Sub-Section (I) of Section 51A of the WBLR Act, 1955
    • Affidavit for Conversion (Bengali/ English)
    • Application for Mouza Map (English/ Bengali)
    • Leasing of Tea Garden in Retained Land
  3. Users can print the PDF file.

Direct link:

How to Submit Public Grievances on West Bengal 2024

On the Banglarbhumi portal, users can submit their feedback online by following the steps below.

  • Launch into the West Bengal Land, Land Reforms, Refugee Relief, and Rehabilitation Department’s official website.
  • Proceed to the “Public Grievance” button on the top right side of the page
  • Now, press on the “Grievance Application” from the menu.
  • Choose your District, Block, Mouza, and petition type.
  • Fill in the essential details like name, address, gender, Aadhaar No, Mobile No, etc.
  • Enter the Captcha code to submit the grievances.

Direct link:

How to Check Grievance Application Status on Banglarbhumi

Checking Grievance Application status on Banglarbhumi

 Check the status of the grievance application after submission on the Banglarbhumi portal using the process below.

  • Visit the official website of the West Bengal Land, Land Reforms, Refugee, and Rehabilitation Department.
  • Navigate to the “Public Grievance” tab on the right side.
  • Now, select on “Grievance Status/ Description” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your UPN and Captcha code
  • Press on the “Show” button to view your grievance status.

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  1. What is the official website of West Bengal Land Records?

The official website of Banglarbhumi West Bengal is

  1. Which is the Banglarbhumi West Bengal contact helpline?

Banglarbhumi’s official contact helpline is 18003456600.

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