Bhulekh UP 2024 : UP Khasra, Khatoni Online भूलेख Land Records at

Overview on UP Bhulekh 2024 : UP भूलेख online land records. Khasra, Khatoni at

Bhulekh UP

The online advance website portal has replaced Uttar Pradesh’s manual land recording system. The state government, through the Revenue council, has introduced the UP Bhulekh online land record portal. The UP citizens can access land details such as the Khatauni system, Jamabandi, Khasra, and land mutation details. Bhulekh UP can be described as land records, farm papers, farm map land details, etc. The central government has ensured all land records are digitalized. To have transparency and accountability in the land sector. These apply under the National land record modernization program.


What is UP Bhulekh?

These a combination of two Hindi words, Bhu, which means land. While Lekh means details or account. Landowners and buyers can access the portal fast using the link

How to Check for UP Bhulekh Land Records Online 

  1. Visit the official UP Bhulekh website portal 
  2. Click the option to see an imitation of the Khatoni (ROR) link. 
  3. Next, enter the captcha code on the space provided. 
  4. Select your district from the list given on the page. 
  5. Now choose the correct Tehsil and village from the list. 
  6. Proceed and enter all mandatory details on the form. Choose from the three search options.
    • Search by Gata number
    • Measles/ account number
    • Search by the name of the account holder.
  7. After selecting one of the options, now click the tab “see evaluation.”
  8. The system will display details of your land on the screen.
  9. This information includes the land owner’s name, district area land records number crop year, land activities, etc. 
  10. Download, print, and save the details for reference.

How to View UP Bhu Naksha Online

  1. Go to the UP Bhulekh map online website link.
  3. To access a copy of Khasra, khatauni details, proceed to click the tab “Khasra Khataani.” 
  4. A new page will open; enter the captcha code to proceed. 
  5. Next, select the village, Tehsil, and district from the list provided. 
  6. The portal will display a map of the area you selected. 
  7. Choose your farm number and view the name of the account holder. 
  8. The page will show the account number also select the account holder’s name. 
  9. Printout the details for reference. 

Bhulekh UP Land Records 2024 Details


The record has the main details about the land. Here you can find the land owner’s name, cultivator’s names, Khasra number, land are, crop details, lease details Mortgages.

Khasra number

This is the plot number or survey number which is offered by the government for your agricultural land.


It is a unique account number given to a number or set of owners for particular land with different Khasra numbers.

Khatauni number

It’s the number offered to a set of cultivators who cultivate a particular land with various Khasra.

Benefits of UP Bhulekh portal

  • The portal saves time and resources, reducing the queues at the revenue department offices. 
  • UP Bhulekh provides transparency and accountability, reducing corruption cases in the land department.
  • You can access the portal anytime, anywhere.
  •  The UP citizens have the right to download and print their documents directly from the portal. This makes all documents download from the site legal.

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