CG Bhuiyan Land Records: Map view, Khasra P-II Khatauni B-I

Chhattisgarh State Bhuiyan land records online portal: map viewing, Khasra P-II Khatauni B-I on Bhuiyan at

CG Bhuiyan

Today India state governments have digitalized their service system to serve all citizens at ease. The Chhattisgarh state government is among the first states to digitalize their system. The government has a system to govern and organize all land records for the state. Citizens don’t have to visit the offices to process manual certificates anymore. The land recording is now based in the new Bhuiyan website portal, referred to as State government Bhulekh. The state’s Bhuiyan NIC Portal has two sections:


The portal is designed to provide access to Khasra and Khatauni land documents.


Bhunaksha website portal provides information on land maps and ownership of different lands.

The general Bhuiyan website, landowners can receive Khasra (P-II) and Khatauni (B-I). Chhattisgarh citizens can enjoy an online system where they don’t have to visit the Tehsildar offices. The state ranks among the best-digitalized state in terms of online land recording. The NCAER body recognizes different states with the top best system for its citizens.

CG Bhuiyan
CG Bhuiyan

How to view Khasra P-II Khatauni B-I on at CG Bhuiyan portal?

Landowners or new buyers can access the P-II and B-I details from the Bhuiyan portal. Follow the steps below to learn more about the documents.

  1. Visit the official Bhuiyan website page using the link
  2. On the homepage, go to the option Nagrik Survidha here. Click the tab Khasra.
  3. A new page will open fill in all the mandatory requirements on the page. Enter the District, Tehsil, and village name.
  4. On selecting the Khasra Var option, the system will open the information about the property or land.

Map viewing on CG Bhuiyan web page

  • From the Bhuiyan web page, select the option Naksha Dekhe
  • Next, choose from the menu the district, Tehsil, revenue inspectors, and the village name. 
  • On the map, click the Khatauni number from the village map. The system will give you the map report (P-II and B-I details).

How to receive Digital signed copies of P-II and B-I documents

  • Form the link  (Bhuiyan website page)
  • Select the option “digitally signed B-I and P-II application.
  • The system will open a new page where you’ll get information by selecting “village or village number.”
  • Now fill all the required details (Khasra or name); you will receive the information right on your screen.

Bhuiyan app: How to download the Bhuiyan app?

The CG state government has also introduced a land recording app compatible with all smart devices. State citizens can use it to get information on the Bhuiyan app easily. Open your Google play store or App store to access the service. Once you type the Bhuiyan website on the search bar, select the right app, and click get or install. Give time for the app to download, and once done, click to install and open. Now you can access all the land recording services from the app.

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