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Bihar Bhulekh 2024 – Bhulekh Bihar, Bhumi Jankari, Bhu Naksha. बिहार भूमि जानकारी, खेसरा/खतौनी, भू नक्शा, बिहार भूलेख नक्शा देखें 2024 at

Bhulekh Bihar

The Land Revenue Department of Bihar keeps records of citizens’ lands under land surveys and records. It has created an online platform called Bihar Bhoomi. Bihar Bhulekh is a unique system that prevents incidents like land grabbing and encroachment. Bhulekh Bihar computerized system is accessible to all citizens and available on different OS. Residents save time by avoiding long queues at the local revenue department’s office.

The platform allow users to check their land record details, know details regarding their land income and cost of land in government revenue value. All information regarding land parcels, like land type, owners, and encumbrances, is provided in the Bihar Bhulekh portal. Bihar residents can search their land details using details such as Khasra or Khatian numbers.

Functions of Bihar Bhumi portal

Bihar Bhulekh helps users do the following tasks.

  • Performing land survey
  • Demarcating land
  • Controlling and managing natural resources
  • Collection of land revenues from Bihar people
  • Take part in the acquisition of land for public purposes
  • Conserving and leasing government land

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Bhulekh Bihar, Bhumi Jankari, Bhu Naksha 2023 at
Bhulekh Bihar, Bhumi Jankari, Bhu Naksha 2024 at

Benefits of the Bihar Bhulekh portal

The Bihar Bhulekh portal offers its users the following incredible benefits and services.

  • Users can save Bhulekh in image format
  • Enables users to know Khasra and Khatauni number
  • The portal helps save time
  • With all land records, citizens receive bank loans easily
  • Bihar Bhulekh avails all the land details of Bihar

How to View Land Records Online at Bhulekh Bihar Portal

Citizens of Bihar can view land records on the land information portal of the Government of Bihar.

  1. Go to the official website of Bihar Jamabandi to select the district from the map
  2. The user will receive redirection to another page to choose a zone/area on the map
  3. Proceed to specify the name of the village
  4. Next, choose one of the criteria to search for land records:
  5. All Mauza accounts by name
  6. All Mauza accounts by Khasra number
  7. By account number
  8. Through Khasra number
  9. Via account holder name
  10. Fill in the required information and click the “Search” option to complete the process.

Getting web copy of Bihar State Land Record

To access the online web copy of land records, follow the process below.

  • Progress to the Bihar Bhulekh portal
  • Next, input your property details, such as serial deed number, registration office, and registration year.
  • Proceed to the “Search Web Copy” option to acquire the desired details

Documents Downloaded from Bihar Bhulekh Portal

Residents of Bihar can download the following documents from the portal in English, Hindi, or Urdu.

  • Sale deed document
  • Mortgage deed with possession
  • Gift deed
  • Power of Attorney (PoA)
  • Deed of exchange
  • Arbitration deed
  • Cancellation deed
  • Partnership dissolution deed
  • Security bond document
  • Adoption deed
  • Testamentary deed
  • Partition deed
  • Deed relating to Mortgage

How to Check For Land Map at Bhulekh Bihar Portal

Users can view the land map on the Bihar Bhoomi (Bhumijankari) portal through the process below.

  • Launch into the Bihar Land Records portal
  • Register as a public user using your mobile number
  • Now, log in using your details
  • Choose document type, district, mouza, and police station number to search documents online
  • Proceed to view the document to see whether it is the one you’re looking for
  • Press on the given option to request a certified copy
  • Re-verify the details in the form to submit the application
  • Make your payment to receive the application number

Checking Jamabandi Register on the Bhulekh Bihar Portal

To view Jamabandi Register from the portal, use the tips below:

  • Go to the official website of Bhulekh Bihar
  • Move to the “View Jamabandi Register” option
  • Next, input required details such as district, light, sock, part current, search by Jamabandi number, search by account number, and security code.
  • Press on the “Search” button to display the Jamabandi Register

The Information Available on the Bhulekh Bihar Portal

Users can access the following information from the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

  • Cadastral Survey Khatian
  • Vassal Farm Records
  • Non Majrua Mango
  • Sairat Register
  • Register of real estate
  • Suit register record
  • Jamabandi register
  • A record of transition
  • A register indicating land settlement
  • Stored register of Change Corrigendum
  • Revenue village map
  • Register to show land purchase
  • Transmutation register
  • Sairat Settlement Register Record
  • Bhoodan
  • Mahadalit Land Purchase and Settlement Records
  • Land-rent determination and settlement of registered records
  • Land Measurement Register and Record
  • Record of Waqf Board, Religious Trust, Cemetery and Cremation Ground
  • Khas and Kaiser Hind Land Register
  • Land Delimitation Land Settlement Register
  • A record indicating land demarcation
  • Land Encroachment Case Register and Record
  • Guard file consisting of letters/notifications/resolutions/circulars issued by the State Government

Checking land value in Bhulekh Bihar using Minimum Value Register (MVR)

MVR helps citizens of Bihar know the property cost based on its location.

Tips on checking MVR online

  • Navigate to the official portal for MVR Bihar
  • Proceed to input the required details: Thana Code, Registration Office, Land Type, and Circle Number.
  • Now, submit the information to display MVR details

How to View online Flat MVR for Bihar Bhulekh

Bihar home buyers and sellers can know the lowest price of their property by viewing Flat MVR from the portal using the steps below.

  • Visit the official web portal.
  • Progress to the “Services” tab
  • Now, tap on the “View Flat MVR” option from the drop-down menu
  • Proceed to enter the required details: town/city, plot, Thana code, property location, and total area of the apartment
  • To check the price analysis, click on “View MVR.”

Encumbrance Certificate in Bihar

Tips on viewing Encumbrance Certificate Bihar

Encumbrance Certificate records of pending loans on a property, including all existing home loans. This certificate is obtained from the Bhoomi Bihar portal following the steps below:

  • Go to Bhoomijankari portal
  • Under the “Services” menu, tap on the “View Land Transactions” option or click here to search for the EC of your land
  • Proceed to input the details required: Thana number, Registration Office, Circle Name, and the Type
  • Tap on “show transaction” to view the Encumbrance details

How to View Khasra-Khatauni Online on Bhulekh Bihar

To see Khasra-Khatauni details in the Bihar Bhoomi portal, use the steps stated below:

  • Progress to Bihar Bhoomi information portal
  • Tap on the “Jamabandi Panji” tab on the home page
  • Next, fill in the required information like district, light, sock, and zone
  • Proceed to the “Search” option to display the result on your screen

Bihar Bhumi Land Record Pay Tax Online 2024

Process of paying Tax Online on the Bihar Bhoomi portal

The applicant is facilitated to pay tax on land on the Bihar Bhoomi portal using the procedure below.

  • Navigate to the Bihar Bhumi web page via the link
  • Proceed to select “Pay Online Lagaan” tab.
  • Now, input the required details such as District Name, Halka, Mauza, and Zone
  • Press on the “Search” tab after entering the details and security code
  • Progress to the “C” tab to display information regarding the tax liability of the land

Eligibility Criteria in Paying Tax in Bihar

For one to pay tax in Bihar should meet the following conditions.

  • The taxpayer should be at least 18 years of age
  • Should be permanently residing in Bihar state
  • One should have land in the state of Bihar

Apply for Cancellation of Filing on Bihar Land Records

Step-by-step process to apply for cancellation of filing on Bihar Land Records

  • Log in to the Bihar Bhoomi portal
  • Proceed to apply online for rejection of admission
  • Create your account if you are a new user by tapping the “Registration” tab; otherwise, enter your email ID, password, and captcha code.
  • Next, click on the “Sign In” button.
  • Fill in your details like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Password, Town/City/Village, District, State, and Pin Code.
  • Progress to the “Register Now” tab to apply for cancellation of admission online

How to View the Status of failed land revenue transaction in Bihar Bhumi

To check the status of failed payments on the Bihar Bhoomi portal, use the procedure below.

  • Open the Bihar Bhoomi portal
  • Progress to the “Bhu Laagan“ tab on the home page
  • After redirection to the next page, click the “Failed Transaction Status” option.
  • Now, input the Transaction ID and verify the payment status to display the land rent payment status.

LPC Online Apply Bihar 2024

How to apply for LPC online on the Bihar Bhulekh portal

Land Possession Certificate (LPC) is a document that proves land ownership in Bihar Bhulekh. LPC can be applied online on the Bihar Bhulekh portal using the steps below.

  • Launch into the official website of Bihar Bhulekh
  • Press the “Online LPC Application” option on the home page
  • Create a new account by clicking on the “Register” button for a new user. Fill in your details like name, mobile number, email id, and OTP
  • With an existing account, enter the email ID, password, and captcha code
  • Proceed to the “Login” button to apply for LPC


  1. What is the official website of Bihar Bhoomi?

Bhulekh Bihar can be accessed via

  1. What documents can be downloaded from the Bhulekh Bihar portal?

The Bihar Bhoomi portal provides the following documents: Power of Attorney, cancellation deed, Gift deed, award deed, deed of exchange, etc…

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