Jamabandi Haryana Land Record 2024 हरियाणा जमाबंदी नकल ऑनलाइन

Comprehensive Haryana Land Records on Jamabandi Portal. Jamabandi Haryana Land Record 2024. Mutation status, Cadastral Map, Revenue Court Case Status, Land Record Registration, Registered Deeds, Search Court Cases & Download Orders, Stamp Duty Calculator, Encumbrance Certificate, Search Collector Rates on Haryana Jamabandi at https://jamabandi.nic.in हरियाणा जमाबंदी नकल ऑनलाइन

Haryana Jamabandi

The Haryana Jamabandi portal is a digital innovation by the Haryana government under the Revenue Department of Haryana. The platform is available in all operating systems, making it easy to access land details on different gadgets. Haryana State citizens can apply, view, or download multiple land records without limitation.


Jamabandi is a legal land record showing land ownership and activities such as cultivation. It resembles the Record of Rights and is revised after five (5) years by the Patwari and Revenue officer. The documentcontains details such as:

  • Cultivation.
  • The latest details of other land rights.
  • Land ownership.

Jamabandi.nic.in Haryana

The Jamabandi available details and Features.

Jamabandi portal provides variousservices and features that suit every land/property user as follows:

  • The portal helps users view registered deeds.
  •  It’s easy to check yourDeed appointment availability on the portal.
  • Nakal details by owner.
  • Controlled/urban area details.
  • Collector rates.
  • View mutation orders.
  • Deed templates.
  • Check the status of the mutation.
  • The Deed Registration >Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Integrated property-wise transaction details.
  • Mutation status of Deeds.
  • Checklist for Deed Registration.
  • Cadastral maps.
  • Owner of the property.
  • Check civil court status.
  • Check total land.
  • Check property tax details.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Online

Steps to view Jamabandi Land Nakal online.

Through the Jamabandi website, one can view theJamabandi Nakal online:

  1. Move to Haryana Jamabandi Portal link https://Jamabandi.nic.in.
  2. Pick one option from the page: Khasra/owner name/date of mutation/Khewat, and enter to search.
  3. Choose:
    • Village.
    • Tehsil/sub-tehsil.
    • Jamabandi year.
    • District.
  4. Choose the land owner; the record will be open to view the Nakal details.
haryana jamabandi nakal online
Haryana jamabandi Land Records 2024 online at https://jamabandi.nic.in/defaultpages/default

Quick Steps to Check Deed Registration Appointment Slots Online

  • Open the official website and select the following information:
  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Number of days available.
  • The page will show the available slots on the page.

How to Check Jamabandi Registered Deeds in Haryana

Search Registered Deeds Online in Jamabandi Haryana. To access the registered deeds online on the Jamabandi portal, use the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  2. Next, choose:
    • Registry number.
    • District.
    • Deed name.
    • Buyer name.
    • Tehsil.
    • Seller.
  3. Registry number.
  4. Hit the “search” button to get the information on your screen.

Search Court Cases & Download Orders at Jamabandi

Easy steps to Search Court Cases and Download Orders on the Jamabandi portal

The official portal contains information on court cases, as shown below:

  • Launch to Haryana Jamabandi https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  • Proceed to select the following:
    • Case number.
    • Tehsil.
    • Status (stay/disposed/attachment).
    • First and second party.
    • Court.
    • Village.
  • Fill in the security code and press the “search,” button to get the court case details.
  • Next, request the order by downloading it on your device.

Mutation at Haryana Jamabandi

Mutation is a document that shows changes in land records in regard to ownership or title deed through the following cases:

  •  A shift in ownership through civil court order.
  • During a sale/sell process.
  • Redemption of the mortgage.
  •  Inheritance of property.
  • Exchange of land.
  • Land lease procedure.
  • Mortgage with and without possession.
  • Partition of property.
  • Gift.

Check Mutation Details on Online Jamabandi Portal

Procedure to view Mutation orders in Jamabandi

You can follow the mentioned steps to look for the mutation orders on the Jamabandi portal:

  • Proceed to the official website and select:
    • Mutation number.
    • Tehsil.
    • Source type.
    • Mutation Date.
    • Mutation type.
    • Village.
  • Select the “Submit” tab, and the Mutation order will appear on the screen.

Mutation Status Check at Jamabandi

Easy steps to check Mutation Status Online.

To check the mutation status online, follow the highlighted steps:

  • Log in to the Jamabandi portal.
  • Proceed and enter the required details:
    • Registry number.
    • Tehsil.
    • Date.
    • District.
  • Press on “search,” and mutation status will show on the page.

How to Check Cadastral Map in Jamabandi

To search for a cadastral map, follow the steps below:

  • Move to the Haryana Jamabandi Cadastral Map Online page.
  • Choose “Cadastral Maps,” >”View Cadastral Maps” options.
  • You will be guided to the link: https://hsac.org.in/eodb/.
  • One can access the cadastral map by using any of the given options:
    • Village.
    • District.
    • Tehsil.
  • It’s possible to use all options to view the maps.

How to Access Revenue Court Case Status in Jamabandi

  • Launch the Jamabandi Haryana website: https://jamabandi.nic.in/defaultpages/default.
  • Proceed and click the “Court Cases” option.
  • After choosing the “Revenue court status,” you will be directed to a new page.
  • Select the “View case status” option from the list.
  • Key in the requested information:
    • Petitioner advocate or name.
    • Location.
    • Case ID/number.
    • Court.
    • Case year.
    • Respondent.
  • Hit the “submit” button to check the status.

Search for Civil Court Cases in Jamabandi

Searching for civil court cases in Haryana Jamabandi

It is easy to search for civil court case status on the Jamabandi website:

  • Navigate to https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  • Look for “Court Cases.”
  • Choose “Civil Court Cases.”
  • Fill in the required information like:
    • Tehsil.
    • Khasra number.
    • District.
    • Village.
  • The status will be displayed.

Jamabandi Haryana Land Record Property Registration 2024

Procedure for registering property in Jamabandi, Haryana.

  1. Offline.

In offline Registration of property, one should:

  • Get all the required details concerning the property from the sub-registrar’s office at the HARIS counter. The details include:
    • Stamp duty.
    • Collector rates.
    • Registration fee.
    • Service charges.
  • You can get stamp paper from two places depending on its value:
  • If it goes to Rs10000, clear the charges at SBI and proceed to the treasury office for the complete process.
  • If the amount is under Rs10000, one can access the services at the stamp vendors.
  • You must use handwritten documents or look for assistance from writers. Documents needed for the procedure are:
    • Two witnesses.
    • Title deed.
    • Digital photograph
    • Map plan.
    • Maps copy.
    • Jamabandi.

–The documents and a stamp paper must be taken to the sub-registrar’s office. The Sub registrar will check the documents for approval. Note you should be present at the sub-registrar/joint sub-registrar for document entry.

  1. Online.

Use the following steps to check for online property registration:

  • Visit the Jamabandi official website.
  • Put your mobile number and hit on the “send OTP” tab.
  • Next, enter the OTP code and press the “submit” option.
  • There are two types of appointments: Tatkal appointment and regular appointment. Fill in the required information like:
    • Sub deed.
    • Location of property.
    • Deed type.
    • District.
    • Village.
    • Sub-location of property.
    • Tehsil.
  • Fill in the property details and choose the “party type” tab.
  • Key in your personal information, such as:
    • Aadhaar number.
    • Mobile.
    • Address.
    • Name.
  • Select the “Add party” option and choose:
    • Time.
    • Date.
  • Key in your Email and the Transaction Amount, and press the “Book Appointment” tab.

Haryana Stamp Duty Calculator at Jamabandi portal

Ways to calculate stamp duty on the Jamabandi portal

Property owners can calculate the stamp duty by pressing the “Property Registration” tab and following the steps below:

  • Log into https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  • Open the “Property Registration” option on the homepage.
  • Click the “stamp duty calculator” button.
  • Fill in:
    • Municipality limit.
    • Gender.
    • Transaction value.
  • Key in the transaction value, gender, and municipality limit options on the required space. 
  • Press on “Calculate,” to get complete information on charges of Registration and stamp duty.

Haryana Encumbrance Certificate Apply Online

Applying for encumbrance certificate.

To apply for an encumbrance certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Launch on https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  2. Go to “Property Registration” and choose the “Encumbrance certificate” option.
  3. Hit the “Apply new tab,” and the Jamabandi website will open.
  4. Fill in your mobile number and your certified OTP.
  5. Submit your details Such as:
    • Aadhaar card.
    • Fathers name.
    • Your name.
    • Email id.
  6. To get Nakal to fill in the property information like:
    • Village.
    • Period.
    • District.
  7. The application may take time, and you must wait for its approval.
  8. Press the “Download” button to access the encumbrance certificate.

How to Search Collector Rates on Haryana Jamabandi Website

Haryana citizens can search for the collector rates on the Jamabandi portal through the given steps:

  • Move to the Haryana Jamabandi web page via the link https://jamabandi.nic.in.
  •  Tap the “Property Registration” >”Collector rates” options.
  • From the screen display menu, choose:
    • Village.
    • District.
    • Period.
    • Tehsil.
  • Next, click the “Submit” to get the results.
  • The details of the collector rates will appear on the screen.


  1. Which documents are required for deed/property registration?

The document includes:

  • Documents Registration through the attorney general’s power.
  • Witnesses.
  • Party identification.
  • Map plan.
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Digital photograph.
  • NOC required U/s 7(A)
  1. What is Jamabandi?

It is a documentary of land records consisting of details like:

  • Cultivation.
  • The latest details of other land rights.
  • Land ownership.

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